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MUDA Garden Hotpot Restaurant won the 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

The Virtual Awards Ceremony of 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards was shown as-alive on the official website in sync with a live Instagram campaign on 15th October. 248 shortlisted projects and the winners of each category were showcased and announced by Harry Mckinley, the Awards ceremony host.“Garden Hotpot Restaurant” presented by MUDA-Architects, was awarded as the "Overall Winner of Restaurant" and "International Biophilic Design" of 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards.

The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards has been held for 12 years as a globally recognized competition focusing on the design of food and beverage spaces, and it has been followed by the best designers and their clients responsible for the design of the most innovative hospitality spaces globally. There were more than 900 entries from 65 countries attracted to participate in this annual competition. The design works vary and cover almost every potential and imaginable hospitality space. It ranges from ships to airport, museums to burger vans, and Michelin-starred establishments to the fleeting dynamism of pop-ups. The Judges were consisted by a panel of plenty of personalities in design, hospitality and lifestyle with global influence.

MUDA team sincerely appreciate the precious recognition from the jury, and MUDA would keep making efforts in bringing creative response to the context, and exploring the humane value from innovative perspectives and relationship between human and nature in locality. MUDA would also insists on paying attention to ecological environment of the site with a global vision and aesthetic design level as pioneer to present more comprehensive projects in future. 

Garden Hotpot Restaurant won the 2020 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

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