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MUDA Sky Office

——Connecting everyone through architecture

Space never simply serves as a container for physical form
But houses soul and spirit
We construct our home with a poetic quality
While our home composes part of us with subtlety

Design Concept

Sun rises and sets; the wheel of city life keeps rolling over relentlessly. The tension and pressure have been lingering around the metropolitan worker for a long and never fade away. Under such circumstances, what kinds of qualities should we value in the design of a working space which occupies 1/3 of our day? The answer from MUDA is straightforward: the space is to be poetic, gentle, heart-warming, and inspiring.


Project Brief

At a height of 160 meters and with a 270-degree view, MUDA's new office site is located on the 38th floor of the Chengdu China Resources Building, right next to the eastern viaduct of the second ring road. When you look around, you can appreciate the gorgeousness of snow mountains on the west, and the well-constructed city skyline and urban footprint. Full-height glazing blurs the boundary between the cityscape and office interior, while the main consideration for the spatial design was comfortability. To begin with, MUDA selected the wood color as the base and performed it with different materiality on the ceiling, floor, and interior façade.

The spatial design of MUDA's new office was aimed to reconsider and build up the ambiguity of the space in physical form, from the contemporary aspects of openness, comfortability, and intellectualization. "We are only able to construct after to survive; housing is the biological expression of human beings, which suggests the desire to seek for the origin. "

A working space highly associated with city development would help MUDA to better incorporate its understanding of humanity, architecture, nature, and the city within future globalization and design practice.

Project Information

Project Name: MUDA Sky Office
Location: Chengdu, China - China Resources Building
Project Type: Interior Design-Office Space
Design Area: 350 sqm
Design Period: 2021.03 - 2021.06
Architecture Firm: MUDA-Architects
Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: Li Aidong, Lv Chenyu, Rong Dian
Lighting Design: BPI Lighting Design
Construction Team: Sichuan Chu Feng Architectural Decoration Design Co.
Photography: HereSpace - He Chuan

成都慕达建筑事务所高空办公室入口_The entrance of Chengdu MUDA architecture firm原木色为主色调的办公室环境_Office environment with a predominantly original wood colour palette空间长轴画卷_Long scroll in space会议室推拉门_Sliding doors for meeting rooms高空办公室会客厅_Parlour of Sky Office多功能会议室_Multifunctional conference room点阵智能灯泡_Dot Matrix Smart Bulbs

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