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Kuansan Town Restaurant

“Man patterns himself on the operation of the earth; the earth patterns itself on the operation of heaven; heaven patterns itself on the operation of Dao; Dao patterns itself on what is natural.”

  — Dao De Jing

✜ Project Brief

Embedded with a rich cultural heritage, Qingyang Palace is the sacred place of Taoism for centuries. In Taoism philosophy, the ‘valley’ is the place of all births, and the birth of reproduction is endless." The relationship between Valley and Water is vivid, eternal, and vital in Taoist philosophy of life and all beings.


Unlike Western philosophy which advocates individual pioneering, adventure, and enterprise, Eastern philosophy places more emphasis on the harmony and unity of man and nature, to achieve a state of mutual tolerance.


Extracted from classic Chinese Philosophy Laozi, MUDA-Architects emphasized the derivation of the 'valley' and interpreted it into the architectural space through the use of 'water' to rebuild the sense of place. Taken from ancient philosophy and expressed in a contemporary way, a specially designed flow of movement provides visitors with a continuous and poetic experience of observing the scenic courtyard within. The walls and windows act as frames to emphasize the marvelous views both outside and inside. With every moving step, one can appreciate changing sceneries with physical and mental enlightenment.

✜ Project Information

Project Name: Kuansan Town
Project Location: Qingyang District, Chengdu, China
Project Type: Facade Renovation, Interior Design, Landscape Design
Building Area: 900 ㎡
Landscape Area: 525 ㎡
Lead Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: Li Aidong, Lv Chenyu, Rong Dian, Zhan Ziqi, He Fan, Fu Yao
Design Period:2021.09-2022.04
Photography: Here Space


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