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Hongmen Bridge

 Project Brief

Hongmen Bridge, which connects Chengdu's culture to the modern city, is situated beside significant historical landmarks including the Wuhou Temple, Huaxi Dam, and Wanli Bridge in Chengdu's Wuhou District.

We wanted the bridge to take on a light and simple shape that conveys the cultural essence of the site without adding distractions to its larger environment. To obtain a light and airy feather form, glass is coupled with a white ribbed steel truss, which is employed as the main framework of the bridge. The design was inspired by the feather fan worn by the famous ancient Chinese figure Zhuge Liang.

 Project Information


Project Name: Hongmen Bridge
Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan
Bridge Length:75m
Project Type: Bridge Design
Project Time: 2020.08-2021.08

Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: He Fan, Xu Jiandan, Zhan Ziqi, Rong Dian

enscape_2020-09-16-09-42-32_enscape 场景 21.jpg

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