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TANJIU - Chuanxi Head Office

✜ Project Brief

Chuanxi Head Office is the main operation building of Chinese Baijiu TAN JIU and is located at 300 CHuangye Road, southwest of Chengdu. 

MUDA-Architects adopted TANJIU’s brand color - purple- to renovate the facade. The combination of purple-glazed glass and the soft metallic reflections of aluminum panels reflect, refract, and diffract light on materials to conjure up the colors of nature and matter. Other than Re-enforcing brand imagery with color and its distinctive enterprise culture, we reorganized the ground floor layout for a better flow of movement both vertically and horizontally. Creating a prominent public space that is open, attractive, and work-efficient.

✜ Project Information

Project Name: TANJIU Head Office - Chuanxi Building
Project LocationChengdu, Sichuan
Project type: Facade Renovation, Interior Design
Project Time: 2022.01- present
Client: Tanjiu Group
Lead and Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: Li Aidong, Li Hao, Rong Dian, He Fan, Fu Yao, Qi Fen, Wang Shuo, Wang Jinghan

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