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MUDA won the 2020 Architizer A+ Awards

Winners of Architizer A+Awards in 2020 were officially announced on 4th of August. “Garden Hotpot Restaurant”presented by MUDA-Architects, was selected as the Jury Winner of “Architecture-Hospitality-Restaurants” group. In the meantime, Flower Exhibition Center designed by MUDA-Architects, was nominated as a Finalist in “Architecture-Culture-Unbuilt Cultural” group.

More than 5,000 design works from over 100 countries and regions, were submitted for the 8th Architizer A+Awards. Aiming at discovering The selection of this year was based on the theme of “Future Architecture” aiming at discovering more architectural design works providing creative solutions to the most burning global challenges, such as climate change, urbanization and migration, perpetuate inequity, and pandemic. Therefore, in this season, it emphasizes on honoring and encouraging the leading design approaches and innovative materials and techniques.

There were 115 categories awarded with a Jury-selected Winner and a Popular Choice Winner for Architizer A+Awards this year. To stress the purpose of the award, 6 key projects were awarded with Special Honoree Awards. According to statistics, 432 works were nominated as Finalist of the 8th Architizer A+Awards. 29 works from China were awarded among 230 awarded works globally.

MUDA team sincerely appreciate the precious recognition from the jury again, and MUDA would keep making efforts in bringing creative response to the context, and exploring the humane value from innovative perspectives and relationship between human and nature in locality. MUDA would also insists on paying attention to ecological environment of the site with a global vision and aesthetic design level as pioneer to present more comprehensive projects in future. 

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