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 MUDA won the 10th Idea-Tops Award

The 10th Idea-Tops International Space Design Award officially announced the Best Design Award winners of 2020 on 16th of May. After several rounds of electing and voting by the jury, “Garden Hotpot Restaurant”presented by MUDA-Architects won the Best Green Architecture Design Award ultimately.

International Space Design Award—Idea-Tops, is the most influential, internationalized and authoritative design award in China. Idea-Tops aims to create the most thoughtful and influential space design award, discover and praise the best designers and design works around the world with the principles of being professional, rigorous, impartial and fair. Idea-tops advocates the designers' forward-looking ideas of innovation, inexhaustible wisdom and union of human and environment.

As reported, 7,637 design projects worldwide from 53 countries and regions were received for the 10th Idea-Tops Award, covering Architectural Design, Interior Design, Display Design and Lighting Environment. These 4 groups were divided into 18 spatial categories: Public Architecture, Residential, Green Architecture, Digital Architecture, Prototype Room, Dining space Design, Hotel Design, Exhibition space, Office space Design, Villa Design, Club Design, Entertainment space, Commercial space, Cultural space Design, Transportation Space, Apartment Design, Display Art Design and Lighting Environment. At last, 43 projects from 21 countries were nominated, and the Best Design Awards were carried off by designers from China, Australia, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Spain and Vietnam. The jury stated that both of the quantity and quality of entered design works achieved the highest level from the widest range of designers and participating countries.

MUDA team sincerely appreciate the precious recognition from the jury, and MUDA would keep making efforts in bringing creative response to the context, and exploring the humane value from innovative perspectives and relationship between human and nature in locality. MUDA would also insists on paying attention to ecological environment of the site with a global vision and aesthetic design level as pioneer to present more comprehensive projects in future. We are looking forward to joining Idea-Tops again. Hope more outstanding design works could be continuously attracted to entering Idea-Tops in future. 

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