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Haikou West Coast Southern Park Visitor Center

 Project Brief

With the development on the west coast of Haikou, a coastal tourist destination in the south of China, parks are being regarded as display spaces unfolding the features of city. Thus, MUDA-Architects decided to conceive the West Coast Southern Park Visitor Center as a landmark with an innovative spatial structure. The proposal blends the indigenous spiritual and cultural heritage into local peculiarities while respecting the nature. The architecture is devised in the shape of an oval pebble inlaid at the entrance of the park for integrating with the streamlined landscape and conforming to the context.

Getting inspired from the local traditional roof form, MUDA converts the traditional roof structure in mirroring method to shelter from the intense sunshine and large precipitation which are two of the main features of tropical marine climate. The combination of void-solid spaces is expressed by the courtyard and architecture to generate a transition in spatial experiences from the exterior to interior.

 Project Information

Project Name: Haikou West Coast Southern Park Visitor Center
Project Location: Haikou, Hainan
Floor Area: 2,000㎡
Project Type: Architectural Design
Project Time: 2019.12-(still in progress)
Quality Control: Wide Horizon Investment Group
EPC General Contractor:  Sichuan Provincial Architectural Design Institute
Principal Architect: Lu Yun
Design Team: He Fan, Xu Jiandan, Rong Dian, Lv Chenyu,Mei Yixuan, Jia Shuran


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